10. B2B Sales Pitch Email

Good afternoon [REDACTED].

I truly appreciate you taking the time to speak with me this afternoon. 

Just to introduce you briefly to [CLIENT COMPANY NAME], we’re the exclusively licensed agents of [REDACTED BRAND NAME] – the world leader in underwater scooter gear. Our company website is: [REDACTED]

The two products I was speaking to you about are 1) [REDACTED – PRODUCT NAME AND LINK]

[PRODUCT NAME] is great for adults and has a maximum speed of 5km/h. It’s small and easy to carry and operate, allowing even beginners to swim like champions in the pool. It’s also equipped with a camera mount which makes it perfect for families to record memories of them having fun in the pool.


[REDACTED – PRODUCT NAME] has won various awards such as the RedDot Design Award and CES Asia Innovation Award. This is perfect for children. It has two speeds and it’s fun and safe due to its strong buoyancy and high quality foam for extra comfort. It’s simple to control and makes sure that both parents and children have fun in the pool by boosting interaction between family members. It makes water games more fun and appealing. 

As agreed, I’ll give you another call tomorrow afternoon so we can discuss this further.

Yours sincerely,