11. Cover letter

To the hiring manager,

I’m truly excited to be applying for the position of [REDACTED – ROLE] at [REDACTED – COMPANY].

Credentials and personal experience

As demonstrated by my credentials, education and work experience, such as my [REDACTED – QUALIFICATIONS], providing care for patients of all kinds has always been a career goal of mine. As my resumé highlights, I have [REDACTED – PREVIOUS WORK EXPERIENCE]. I’m confident that my age and life experiences as well as my credentials will allow me to better relate with your patients. As highlighted under my “personal experiences” section, my experience with [REDACTED – PERSONAL EXPERIENCES] makes this field of work particularly important to me.

Value alignment

My personal values align with those of your organization, including providing patients with compassionate assistance and care. Throughout my career thus far, I have received over 50 five-star ratings from patient recommendations, demonstrating my strong customer service skills. My patients have always noted my genuine compassion in providing care for them, as well as providing support for their families. 

It would bring great personal and professional fulfilment to be able to make a real difference by helping teenage girls regain control over their lives. I am seeking to change my career path from [REDACTED – PREVIOUS WORK EXPERIENCE] to assisting teenagers suffering with mental health issues and/or substance use in order to help them re-integrate into the community and regain their livelihoods. As such, I have been dedicating all of my free time to learning about substance use disorder treatments and mental health treatments.

Work experience and value-adding

While my career history has primarily been focused on [REDACTED – PREVIOUS WORK EXPERIENCE], I have always been interested particularly with providing young people with mental health and substance use care. It is my firm belief that every person deserves to get their life back, no matter obstacles they may have encountered previously or are currently encountering. I’m confident that my education, credentials and previous work/life experience will allow me to bring immense value to your organization, whether it’s through:

  • Improving organizational culture;
  • Being a positive role model for positive interactions within [REDACTED – COMPANY NAME] and the community; and
  • Maintaining the reputation and recognition of [REDACTED – COMPANY NAME] as being a leading peer support organization for teenagers suffering from mental health issues and substance abuse.

Therefore, I would greatly appreciate your consideration of my application into this role as I believe I can add more value to your organization than any other applicant. 

As highlighted in my resumé, in my position as an [REDACTED – PREVIOUS WORK EXPERIENCE], I was responsible for each patient’s education and on-treatment protocols. Within this role, I was able to support patients in areas of personal responsibility by demonstrating compassionate, caring and professional attitudes when guiding them through self-injectable medications and various procedures. The most important part of my position as an [REDACTED – PREVIOUS WORK EXPERIENCE] was providing encouragement and assistance to my patients. 

Working within a team

I am of the firm belief that it is pertinent that all members within a unit or team are communicative amongst one another. Throughout my previous work experience, I have found great satisfaction achieving results as a team and collaborating effectively with others within the organization. However, I also have strong self-direction skills and can work just as effectively alone as I do within a team.


Overall, I believe that my qualifications align with that requested within your advertisement for the role of [REDACTED]. I truly believe that I can add value to your organization in terms of helping as many young women through tough times and encouraging them through this important period of their lives.

Please let me know if you require additional information from me. I sincerely look forward to hearing back from you. 

Yours faithfully,