3. Response to creepy PMs

Usually, the best way to handle unsolicited creepy messages is just to ignore them and hope they’ll go away. However, every now and again, one of these fucks deserve a good talking to otherwise they don’t get the message. Here’s how I would help you approach the matter.

Creep: Hello my name is Bryan I am 40 years old and single I am looking for any single Asian ladies You are so gorgeous sweetheart are you still single you are very beautiful woman I love Asian women

Response: Right, Bryan. You’re looking for “any” single ladies so you don’t have any standards at all? That’s pretty sad. Also, “sweetheart” is condescending as fuck so don’t say that ever again.

My fiance is blatantly featured on my profile photo, so I cannot fathom how you would think that I am still single and would respond positively to your crude message.

You say that you “love” Asian women, yet you objectify them as if they are some sort of commodity or hobby. This is problematic and you need to change this.

Perhaps the next time you attempt to approach a woman with the intention of forging some sort of connection with her, you should first have a long hard think about the manner in which you conduct yourself and whether somebody would actually bother giving you the time of day.

Thank you for attending my Ted Talk.