5. Sample radio advertisements

Sample #1: Client favourite and featured on WriteLabel

VOICE DIRECTION: Serious, professional. Woman, aged 30-40 years old.
SOUND EFFECT: Gold coins clattering
VOICEOVER: We at the [REDACTED] are a not-for-profit charitable organisation. We want to help as much as we can, especially during this holiday season. That’s why we’ve organised the Gold Kettle special event where every dollar you donate will be matched by gifts given by our sponsor, [SPONSOR NAME]. Look for the Gold Kettle, stand, and sign at [LOCATION] on [DATE]. Visit [WEBSITE – REDACTED] for more information. Happy holidays from our family at the [REDACTED] to yours.

Sample #2: Client favourite and featured on WriteLabel

MUSIC BED: Upbeat pop music
VOICE DIRECTION: Upbeat, young female voice (aged 20-30)
VOICEOVER (FEMALE): There’s no better excuse to vamp up your wardrobe than a change of season! [REDACTED] has your fall shopping needs covered. Our wide selection of quality garments, shoes, beauty, accessories and home products will ensure that you’re dressed to impress, whatever the occasion. Come along to see our amazing range at [LOCATION] or browse our online collection at [WEBSITE]. Right now, our fall special means you get to enjoy twenty percent off your first online purchase. What are you waiting for?

Sample #3: Client favourite and featured on WriteLabel

VOICE DIRECTION: Male 1, aged late 20s to early 40s, upset
SOUND EFFECT: Sigh from Male 1
(SPEAKER) MALE 1: With 2021 just around the corner, I feel like it’s time to get my finances back on track. My 401k, insurance, annuities, tax returns and tax planning just make my head spin.
VOICE DIRECTION: Male, aged late 20s to early 40s, helpful tone, empathetic
(SPEAKER) MALE 2: I know exactly how you feel. I was in the same position until I got [redacted – company name] to help me out. I’m sure they can help you too.
VOICE DIRECTION: Announcer – male aged 30-40, professional, serious tone
ANNOUNCER: We at [redacted – company name] have thirty years’ experience finding solutions for all clients. Call us today on [redacted – phone number]. [redacted – company name and slogan].

Sample #4: Featured on WriteLabel

ANNOUNCER: Breaking news – Honolulu residents are losing their minds about the [redacted – company name and event].
VOICEOVER (FEMALE): I heard that [redacted – company name] is offering fifty percent off stain-resistant carpets and floor cleaners?! That’s gonna save my kid or dog ruining even more of my carpet!
VOICEOVER (MALE): That’s right! They must be out of their minds to be having a STOREWIDE sale!?
ANNOUNCER: Mention [redacted – coupon code] in store from January eleventh to January eighteenth nine to five to claim [redacted – item]. [redacted – address].

Sample #5: Featured on WriteLabel

VOICE DIRECTION: Male, aged 30-40 years old. Serious, professional and empathetic tone.
ANNOUNCER: We at [redacted – company name] empower our customers to dream big with our member services. Whether you need a personal or auto loan, [redacted – company name] dream team can make it happen. You’ll be in the best hands with [redacted – company name] – an equal opportunity lender who is federally insured by the [redacted – government organisation]. Visit [redacted – website] to start turning your dreams into reality.
VOICE DIRECTION: Speaking quickly
ANNOUNCER: Must meet membership and account criteria. All loans are subject to credit approval. Rates, T’s and C’s subject to change

Sample#6: Client favourite and featured on WriteLabel

VOICE DIRECTION: Female, aged 20-30s, friendly, empathetic
VOICEOVER (FEMALE): Sick of your kids and pets staining the carpet? I’d almost lost all hope until I heard about [REDACTED – COMPANY NAME] January sale.
VOICE DIRECTION: Male, 30s, excited, professional.
VOICEOVER (MALE): That’s right. [REDACTED – COMPANY NAME] is offering fifty percent off pet- and kid-friendly, stain resistant carpet plus floor cleaners storewide. Don’t forget to inquire about our services and virtual consultations. Mention [REDACTED – CODE], to claim [REDACTED – GIFT] Book online or simply walk in between January the eleventh to eighteenth at [ADDRESS].