4. Salty response to annoying client


It is with my sincerest regrets and apologies that I am no longer able to serve you as a client. Over the period of our working relationship, I have come to the realization that I am unable to meet your high expectations. For example, when you requested that I re-word your landing site to make it sound more professional and nuanced, it seems like this is not really what you wanted; changing the wording from that of a Master’s level thesis level to one of a primary school homework level. Were you really wanting your brand to appeal to professionals? It does not appear as such.

Furthermore, your constant last-minute content and editing demands are, at the very least, intolerable. Realistically, only a robot could fulfil your request for a 2,000 word article within the next half hour. I’m unsure what other writers you’ve worked with previously, but I suppose you could say that I have not yet reached this insane level of churning out garbage content.

Overall, I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. I genuinely hope that you’re able to find a writer whose writing style and speed matches those of your requirements.

In case I need to make things clearer, I will not be working with you any longer. As at the time of receiving this email, you are effectively fired as a client.

Warm regards,